Sentence Examples

  • Eumolpus was slain and Erechtheus was victorious, but was himself killed by Poseidon, the father of Eumolpus, or by a thunderbolt from Zeus.
  • Indra, the rain-god, slew with a thunderbolt AM or Vitra, who kept back the waters (Oldham, 32 sqq.); the thunder-god of the Iroquois killed the subterranean serpent which fed on human flesh (Hartland iii.
  • They embody for the time being a vague consciousness of the divine, which is concentrated for some single act into an outward object, like a warrior's spear or the thunderbolt, 2 or the last sheaf of corn into which the Corn-Mother has been driven.
  • Such a minister thou holdest in thy invincible hands - the two-edged, fiery, everliving thunderbolt, under whose stroke all nature shudders.
  • His skill in curing disease and restoring the dead to life aroused the anger of Zeus, who, being afraid that he might render all men immortal, slew him with a thunderbolt (Apollodorus iii.

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