Sentence Examples

  • His thermometers were subsequently corrected to the Paris scale by A.
  • In using mercury thermometers, it is best, as in the apparatus figured, to work on a large scale (4-in.
  • Van Rysselberghe, but the later, put forward in 1867, included metallic thermometers and was less successful.
  • Flows through the spiral coolers N and M, and finally through the box H, where it is well mixed before passing the outflow thermometer P. As soon as a steady state is reached, the difference of temperature between the outflow and inflow thermometers, multiplied by the current of water in grammes per minute gives the heat per minute supplied by combustion.
  • C. Mitchell, under Tait's direction, repeated the experiments with the same bar nickel-plated, correcting the thermometers for stem-exposure, and also varying the conditions by cooling one end, so as to obtain a steeper gradient.