Sentence Examples

  • In the next experiment the air was compressed as before, and then allowed to escape through a long lead tube immersed in the water of a calorimeter, and finally collected in a bell jar.
  • To test this two vessels similar to that used in the last experiment were placed in the same calorimeter and connected by a tube with a stop-cock.
  • On repeating the experiment when the two vessels were placed in different calorimeters, it was found that heat was absorbed by the vessel containing the compressed air, while an equal quantity of heat was produced in the calorimeter containing the exhausted vessel.
  • When the solutions employed are dilute, no water is placed in the calorimeter, the temperature-change of the solutions themselves being used to estimate the thermal effect brought about by mixing them.
  • The same type of calorimeter is used in determining the heat of solution of a solid or liquid in water.

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