Sentence Examples

  • If then oscillations are sent through the other pair heat is produced at the junction and the galvanometer indicates a thermoelectric current (Wied.
  • (2) If the Peltier effect was proportional to the thermoelectric power and changed sign with it, as all experiments appeared to indicate, there would A B be no absorption of heat C in the circuit due to the Peltier effect, and therefore no thermal source to account for the energy of the current, in the case in which the hot junction was at or above the neutral temperature.
  • Another form of thermoelectric receiver has been devised by J.
  • In 1873 he took thermoelectricity for the subject of his discourse as Rede lecturer at Cambridge, and in the same year he presented the first sketch of his well-known thermoelectric diagram before the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
  • Miscellaneous Effects of Magnetization: Electric Conductivity - Hall Effect - Electro-Thermal Relations - Thermoelectric Quality - Elasticity - Chemical and Voltaic Effects.

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