Sentence Examples

  • An historical account of the development of thermodynamics is given in the article Heat.
  • It was in this paper that the principle of the dissipation of energy, briefly summarized in the second law of thermodynamics, was first stated.
  • Rankine was the earliest of the three founders of the modern science of Thermodynamics on the bases laid by Sadi Carnot and J.
  • A dissolved in B and B dissolved in A, since both of these solutions emit vapours of the same composition (this follows since the same vapour must be in equilibrium with both solutions, for if it were not so a cyclic system contradicting the second law of thermodynamics would be realizable).
  • (21) in which v and w are the volumes of unit mass of the vapour and liquid respectively at the saturation-point (Thermodynamics, § 4).