Sentence Examples

  • The hot junction is raised to 270 C., at which temperature the thermoelectric power vanishes and the metals are said to be neutral to one another.
  • In 1873 he took thermoelectricity for the subject of his discourse as Rede lecturer at Cambridge, and in the same year he presented the first sketch of his well-known thermoelectric diagram before the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
  • For high temperature work it is necessary to employ platinum, which would be an ideal standard for all purposes on account of its constancy and infusibility, did not the thermoelectric properties of different specimens differ considerably.
  • We have also the relations dE/dt = b+2ct and d 2 E/dt 2 =2C. The first relation gives the thermoelectric power p at any temperature, and is probably the most convenient method of stating results in all cases in which this formula is applicable.
  • Unlike the frictional generation of heat due to the resistance of the conductor, which Joule (1841) Table I.-Thermoelectric Power, p=dE/dt, IN Microvolts At 50° C. Of Pure Metals With Respect To Lead.