Sentence Examples

  • The hot junction is raised to 270 C., at which temperature the thermoelectric power vanishes and the metals are said to be neutral to one another.
  • In 1873 he took thermoelectricity for the subject of his discourse as Rede lecturer at Cambridge, and in the same year he presented the first sketch of his well-known thermoelectric diagram before the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
  • Cumming shortly afterwards discovered the phenomenon of Thermoelectric Inversion, or the change of the order of the metals in the thermoelectric series at different temperatures.
  • Similar phenomena occur in the case of many other couples, and it is found that the thermoelectric power p is not in general a constant, and that the simple linear formula (I) is applicable only for small differences of temperature.
  • A thermoelectric circuit may be cut at any point and a wire of some other metal introduced without altering the E.M.F.