Sentence Examples

  • (See Thermometry.) In dealing with the manufacture of glass it is convenient to group the various branches in the following manner: Manufactured Glass.
  • In modern thermometry instruments of extreme accuracy are required, and researches have been made, especially in Germany and France, to ascertain the causes of variability in mercurial thermometers, and how such variability is to be removed or reduced.
  • (See Thermometry.) Fusibility and Volatility.-The fusibility in different metals is very different, as shown by the following table, which, besides including all the fusing points (in degrees C.) of metals which have been determined numerically, indicates those of a selection of other metals by the positions assigned to them in the table.
  • (See THERMOMETRY for scientific forms)
  • He studied the whole subject of thermometry critically; he introduced the use of an accurate air-thermometer, and compared its indications with those of a mercurial thermometer, determining the absolute dilatation of mercury by heat as a step in the process.

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