Sentence Examples

  • In modern thermometry instruments of extreme accuracy are required, and researches have been made, especially in Germany and France, to ascertain the causes of variability in mercurial thermometers, and how such variability is to be removed or reduced.
  • He studied the whole subject of thermometry critically; he introduced the use of an accurate air-thermometer, and compared its indications with those of a mercurial thermometer, determining the absolute dilatation of mercury by heat as a step in the process.
  • Calor), to be distinguished from thermometry, which signifies the measurement of temperature.
  • The methods depending on change of state are theoretically the simplest, since they do not necessarily involve any reference to thermometry, and the corrections for external loss of heat and for the thermal capacity of the containing vessels can be completely eliminated.
  • He Paid Greater Attention To The Important Question Of Thermometry, And Extended His Researches Over A Much Wider Range Of Temperature, Namely 5° To 35° C. His Experiments Revealed For The First Time A Diminution In The Specific Heat Of Water With Rise Of Temperature Between O° And 30° C., Amounting To Four Parts In To.