Sentence Examples

  • Practically the tendrils assist the plant in its native state to scramble over rocks or trees.
  • They climb by means of tendrils, which are stipular structures arising from the leaf-sheath.
  • The tendrils of a vetch and of a cucumber are analogous, and also homologous because they both belong to the category leaf; but they are only analogous to the tendrils of the vine and of the passion-flower, which belong to the category stem.
  • She pulled her wet hair back into a braid at her neck and fluffed the loose tendrils at her temples into curls.
  • These occur on the tips of tendrils and on the tentacles of Drosera; (2) sensitive papillae found on the irritable filaments of certain stamens; and (3) sensitive hairs or bristles on the leaves of Dionaea muscipula and Mimosa pudicaall of which are so constructed that any pressure exerted on them at once reacts on the protoplasm.

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