Sentence Examples

  • There are conscious thoughts that you're aware of and subconscious ones that you're not.
  • And the whole subject of the action of the subconscious personality - the "subliminal self" - has since been more fully worked out by psychologists.
  • 6 No one conversant with the facts now doubts that what looks like possession or inspiration by an external intelligence may generally be accounted for by subconscious mentation, so that in all cases where no material effects are produced except such as can be attributed to the muscular action of the medium, the evidence for a supernormal interpretation must depend on the content of the communication.
  • But this "will" is neither rational desire, unconscious irrational will, nor conscious intelligent will, but an instinct, a "will to live" (Zielstrebigkeit), often subconscious, pursuing ends, indeed, but without reasoning as to means.
  • Lewes and others the doctrine of "cerebral reflex" was suggested, whereby actions, at first achieved only by incessant attention, became organized as conscious or subconscious habits; as for instance in the playing on musical or other instruments, when acts even of a very elaborate kind may directly follow the impulses of sensations, conscious adaptation and the deliberate choice of means being thus economized.

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