Sentence Examples

  • There are different reasons for this, including the need to keep company with people who can supply this drug as well as a subconscious psychological need to somehow make the deviant behavior acceptable by peers.
  • Most Nintendo innovations became industry standards -- the d-pad, analog sticks, shoulder buttons, etc. Nintendo's ideas are laced deeply within the gaming subconscious and they hold a fuzzy nostalgic corner of many gamers' hearts.
  • He did not believe that the conscious and subconscious functioned in opposing ways and that, in fact, dreams were a way to see how we truly felt since we think the same way when we are asleep as we do when we are awake.
  • The theories on why we dream range from concepts that dreams are the results of our subconscious thoughts to the more simplistic concepts that dreams are simply random "noise" in the brain's neurons.
  • His dream theory reflected his opinion that dreams are a person's outlet for their subconscious thoughts and "hidden desires." He felt that everything in a dream was the result of the dreamer's instincts and experiences.