Sentence Examples

  • Prince Alexander possessed much charm and amiability of manner; he was tall, dignified and strikingly handsome.
  • The city is built on a rocky hill rising from the Guayangareo valley, which gives to it a strikingly picturesque appearance.
  • The attitude of Paul toward glossolaly among his converts strikingly resembles Plato's opinion as expressed in the Timaeus, p. 72, of the enthusiastic ecstasies of the ancient µav ns (soothsayer).
  • Crushed, in order that the imperial authority and the superiority of Shoan over Tigrin arms might be the more strikingly asserted.
  • The scenery is everywhere strikingly beautiful and varied, and the coral beds of the more secluded bays in its harbours are conspicuous for their exquisite colouring.

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