Sentence Examples

  • The larvae of several nocturnal Lepidoptera feed upon the leaves of the willows, and the trunk of the sallow is often injured by the perforations of the lunar hornet sphinx (Trochilium crabroniforme).
  • The "Essex" and "Hornet" were not in company.
  • It made Janet as mad as a hornet, but Martha's back in the classroom.
  • When it began two small squadrons were getting ready for sea at New York; the frigate "President" (44) and sloop "Hornet" (18), under Commodore John Rodgers, who had also the general command; and the frigates "United States" (44) and "Congress" (38), with the brig "Argus" (16) to which two guns were afterwards added, under Captain Stephen Decatur.
  • This beetle probably mimics the Australian hornet (Abispa australis).