Sentence Examples

  • Native American actors have struggled with stereotypical roles throughout the history of film, though modern movie makers are beginning to realize that Native Americans have just as much to offer viewers as other actors.
  • As bands like Dashboard Confessional and Fallout Boy enjoyed wide success, the term emo became even more amorphous, with bands being labeled "emo" for having only a vague resemblance to other emo artists or a stereotypical emo image.
  • Each of these characters offers a slightly different set of moves that he or she can perform, including several special moves that remind players of specific scenes in the movie or of stereotypical characteristics of that character.
  • Famous for her dim-witted yet completely memorable comments, the character of Kelly was written as a stereotypical dumb blonde, complete with bimbo persona, bleached blonde hair and excessively short attention span.
  • They need not be elegant or particularly chic, but instead, dresses that are comically ornate and feature a tremendous amount of "poof!" fall into the almost stereotypical category of infant birthday party attire.