Sentence Examples

  • During the whole period from 1873 onwards, prices, other than of labour, were steadily tending downwards, so that the cost of living in 1890 was much below that of 1873.
  • All this time the brutal work of the Blood Council went on, as did the exodus of thousands upon thousands of industrious and well-to-do citizens, and with each year the detestation felt for Alva and his rule steadily increased.
  • The death-rate (excluding still-born children) was, in 1872, 30.78 per boo, and has since steadily decreasedless rapidly between 1886-1890 than during other years; in 5902 it was only 22.15 and in 1899 was as low as 2189.
  • The imports of foreign metals in the rough and of coal are steadily increasing, while the exports, never otherwise than insignificant, show no advance.
  • In accordance with this declaration, the policy of Russification in Finland was steadily maintained, and caused much disappointment, not only to the Finlanders, but also to the other nationalities who desired the preservation of their ancient rights.

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