Sentence Examples

  • Just as you should take some time to compare Sprint phone plans with the other wireless carriers in the United States, it is equally important to consider the different options you have when it comes to choosing Sprint PCS phones.
  • Just like breaking into a fast sprint without warming up is a bad idea, stopping from a fast sprint without cooling down will leave your muscles sore in the long term and will shock your cardiovascular system in the short term.
  • Going through the company's official lineup, you'll discover that the first Sprint Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone also happens to be the only phone from the carrier that is currently powered by the new mobile operating system.
  • Consumer Search breaks the phones down into "bests" based on categories like best business smartphone for AT&T users, top Windows Mobile device more business than fun, great Google Android phone for Sprint, and so on.
  • GSM Arena ( While this site won't be quite as useful for people interested in CDMA-based providers like Sprint and Verizon, GSM Arena is fantastic for just about every GSM mobile phone on the market.