Sentence Examples

  • Bretherton, who dresses in black leather with metal studs and sports a spiky hairdo and facial hair, is a true expert on insects, rodents, and all kinds of other critters.
  • Although a long hairstyles for guys may need less frequent trims than a buzz cut or a short, spiky style, long hair should be cut every six to eight weeks to remove split ends and keep the shape.
  • Some, like the short, spiky, youthful cut, have been met with great enthusiasm, while others, like the long, straggly locks and beard, raised brows.
  • Many people assume a punk hair style is going to be short and spiky, but alternative hairstyles for long hair are just as popular, if not more so.
  • With their spiky flowers and hot colors, snapdragons can be a good plant to bridge the seasons as the garden transitions from spring into summer.