Sentence Examples

  • So that when I shall hereafter detail to you all the specialities and concentrations of potency everywhere lurking in this expansive monster; when I shall show you some of his more inconsiderable braining feats; I trust you will have renounced all ignorant incredulity, and be ready to abide by this; that though the Sperm Whale stove a passage through the Isthmus of Darien, and mixed the Atlantic with the Pacific, you would not elevate one hair of your eye-brow.
  • The local specialities are anchovies marinated in vinegar and garlic, fish baked in rock salt and sword fish.
  • Barn dance parties are held and meals featuring local specialities are served.
  • Specialities of the reserve: Tussock sedge, bog pimpernel, bogbean, southern marsh orchid, reed bunting, snipe, grass snake.
  • Petworth Art & Antique Dealers Association Profile, list of members and their specialities, information about the town and downloadable brochure.

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