Sentence Examples

  • The shaft is provided with sockets, into which movable arms with their rakes are readily dropped.
  • Inscriptions of Lugal-zaggisi and Lugal-kigub-nidudu, kings of Erech and Ur respectively, and of other early pre-Semitic rulers, on door-sockets and stone vases, show the veneration in which the ancient shrine was then held and the importance attached to its possession, as giving a certain stamp of legitimacy.
  • As regards their distinctive features, the antlers are of a complex type and situated close to the occipital ridge of the skull, and thus far away from the sockets of the eyes, with the brow-tines in adult males palmated, laterally compressed, deflected towards the middle of the face, and often unsymmetrically developed.
  • Tangs show that the shaft was a reed, sockets show that it was of wood.
  • The teeth are not implanted in sockets, but become ankylosed with the .ttr c bones that bear them, and are replaced by FIG.

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