Sentence Examples

  • It owes its name (Jity-su, Semiryechie, i.e.
  • The natural su p position that the earth Greek .
  • Gerin Lajoie'S Cry Of " Back To The Land " Was Successfully Adapted To Moderns Developments In Le Saguenay (1896) And L'Outaouais Su Perieur (1889) By Arthur Buies, Who Showed What Immense Inland Breadths Of Country Lay Open To Suitable " Jean Rivards " From The Older Settlements Along The St Lawrence.
  • BARTAN, more correctly Bartin, a town in the vilayet of Kastamuni, Asiatic Turkey, retaining the name of the ancient village Parthenia and situated near the mouth of the Bartan-su (anc. Parthenius), which formed part of the boundary between Bithynia and Paphlagonia.
  • To the west of Lake Van, and close to the headwaters of the Murad Su, the eastern branch of the Euphrates, while the most easterly point is situated in a region about 42° 50' E., southward of the same lake.