Sentence Examples

  • We were both soaked by the time we reached him.
  • Fat raindrops soaked his clothing and left him chilled.
  • The neck of the retort, or side tube of the flask, is connected to the condenser c by an ordinary or rubber cork, according to the nature of the substance distilled; ordinary corks soaked in paraffin wax are very effective when ordinary or rubber corks cannot be used.
  • By midmorning, Deidre was free.  Katie grimaced as she wrapped the dismembered sleeves of her sweater around her wounds.  Blood soaked the sweater quickly, and she held it over her head.  Even before she stood, she felt woozy.  Deidre tested herself and limped a few feet.  Katie steadied her breathing to keep from dropping to her knees.
  • Blood soaked into the sand around him.

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