Sentence Examples

  • The hard ore is siliceous, and fine crystallized specimens occur in association with smoky quartz.
  • South of Lake Alelbad is a volcano called Artali or Erta-ale ("the smoky"), and farther to the S.E., in about 13° 15' N., is the peak of Afdera, which was in eruption in June 1907.
  • Many compounds containing hydrogen are readily decomposed by the gas; for example, a piece of paper dipped in turpentine inflames in an atmosphere of chlorine, producing hydrochloric acid and a copious deposit of soot; a lighted taper burns in chlorine with a dull smoky flame.
  • Factories extend for miles along the banks of all three rivers into the tributary valleys, and are the cause of Pittsburg's nickname, " The Smoky City."
  • Further, these varieties may be of almost any colour, whereas transparent crystals have only a limited range of colour, being either colourless (rock-crystal), violet (amethyst), brown (smoky quartz) or yellow (citrine).

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