Sentence Examples

  • Lord, he thought, listening to Fred was like watching a sloth race.
  • With indefatigable energy he at once attempted to grapple with the difficulties of the situation, waging an almost desperate struggle with sloth, corruption and incompetence.
  • Of that poem the figure of Sloth is represented as saying "I can nou,te perfitly my pater-noster, as the prest it syngeth: But I can rymes of Robyn Hood and Randolf Erle of Chestre."
  • Sloth in Langland's poem couples him, as we have seen, with Randle, earl of Chester; and no one doubts this nobleman's existence because he had "rymes" made about him.
  • One of the characteristic orders of the Brazilian fauna is that of the Edentata, which comprises the sloth, armadillo and ant-eater.

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