Sentence Examples

  • He looked slim and sheik in gray slacks.
  • Born on the 14th of February 1483, he was a descendant of Timur, and his father, Omar Sheik, was king of Ferghana, a district of what is now Russian Turkestan.
  • The chief of the lecturers, called the Sheik el-Azhar, receives about £zoo a year, the others little or nothing, as regular pay.
  • The 'Ulema form a powerful corporation, whose head, the Sheik-ul-Islam, ranks as a state functionary almost co-equal with the grand vizier.
  • The affairs of the tribe are administered by the sheiks, or heads of clans and families; the position of sheik in itself gives no real governing power, his word and counsel carry weight, but his influence depends on his own personal qualities.

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