Sentence Examples

  • Sheik himself invaded Asia Minor and forced the Turkoman states to acknowledge his suzerainty.
  • He thereby excited the suspicions of the Sheik al-Balad Khalil Bey, who organized an attack upon him in the streets of Cairo, in consequence of which he fled to Upper Egypt.
  • The present Sheik of Bahrein (who lives chiefly at Moharek) is of the family of El Kalifa.
  • Omar, who obtained for him the goodwill of the Porte and reinstatement in his post as Sheik al-Balad.
  • On the 1st of February 1773 he received information from Cairo that Abul-Dhahab had made himself Sheik al-Balad, and in that capacity was practising unheard-of extortions, which were making Egypt with one voice call for the return of All Bey.