Sentence Examples

  • The Turks occupied Sheikh `Othman, but were unable to threaten Aden itself.
  • Sheikh, Burao and Bohotle are all on the caravan route from Ogaden to Berbera.
  • The grand vizier (sadr-azam), who is nominated by the sultan, presides ex officio over the privy council (mejliss-i-khass), which, besides the Sheikh-ul-Islam, comprises the ministers of home and foreign affairs, war, finance, marine, commerce and public works, justice, public instruction and " pious foundations " (evkaf), with the grand master of ordnance and the president of the council of state.
  • The Sheikh of Bahrein exercises no authority over the mainland, which from the S.
  • Of the treaty of Erzerum, Muhamrah was alternately claimed and occupied by Persia and Turkey, its ruler, an Arab sheikh, helping either power as he found it convenient.