Sentence Examples

  • When we go farther back into Persian antiquity we find an immortal bird, amru, or (in the Minoi-khiradh) sinamru, which shakes the ripe fruit from the mythical tree that bears the seed of all useful things.
  • When not more than fifty years old it forms durable posts for fences and gates; but at that age it often begins to deteriorate, having ring-shakes and central hollows.
  • A twice-born man who becomes an ascetic thus shakes off sin here below and reaches the highest Brahman" (Laws of Manu, by G.
  • Dialectic is, therefore, a dislocating power; it shakes the solid structures of material thought, and exhibits the instability latent in such conceptions of the world.
  • On the coins of the later Roman emperors she is frequently represented holding a cornucopia, from which she shakes her gifts, thereby at the same time in dicating the liberality of the emperor or empress.

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