Sentence Examples

  • When it vibrates in several sections, each section moves in the opposite way to its neighbours.
  • This hammer is arranged so that when the armature vibrates it gives little blows to the underside of the tube and shakes up the filings.
  • Therefore with equal weights a balance vibrates more slowly the more sensitive it is, and therefore weighing by a sensitive balance is a slower process than with a less sensitive one.
  • To find the radius of the sphere of water which vibrates seconds, put p = 21I, T= 81, p= 1, n= 2.
  • Now if a be the amplitude expressed in millimetres, and t the period expressed in seconds, then the maximum velocity of an earth particle as it vibrates to and fro equals 27ra/t, whilst the maximum acceleration equals 4,r 2 0 2.

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