Sentence Examples

  • Castilian displaces the accent on the 1st and 2nd pers.
  • Cremation makes its appearance first in the earlier part of the bronze age, and in the latter part of that age practically displaces the older rite.
  • The instrument is provided with an additional piece, or "plongeur," the weight of which exceeds 5 grammes by the weight of water which it displaces; that is to say, it is so constructed as to weigh 5 grammes in water, and consists of a glass envelope filled with mercury.
  • When a body floats in a fluid under the action of gravity, the weight of the body is equal to that of the fluid which it displaces.
  • Sir John Murray finds the source of the phosphoric acid to be the decomposition of large quantities of animal matter, and he illustrates this by the well-known circumstance of the death of vast shoals of fish when warm Gulf-Stream water displaces the cold current which usually extends to the American coast.

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