Sentence Examples

  • Thus amyl acetate is used as an imitation of the jargonelle-pear flavour; amyl valerate replaces apple flavour, and a mixture of ethyl and propyl butyrates yields the so-called pine-apple flavour.
  • At about two and a half years the first premolar replaces its predecessor.
  • 29-39), to announce symbolically the rending of the kingdom, replaces some account of a rebellion in which Jeroboam "lifted up his hand" (v.
  • It replaces much earlier work, especially the Sciagraphia of Halfdan Einarsson (1777), and the Saga-Bibliotek of.
  • There are parks on the east and west of the town, and a new racecourse (1887) replaces that formerly on the site of the west park.

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