Sentence Examples

  • If two poisons act on the same tissue, one stimulating and the other paralysing it, the paralysing substance removes the action of the stimulant substance, not by bringing the tissue back to its normal state, but by abolishing its excitability; hence, although life may be saved by such an action, yet it can only be so within certain limits of dosage, because the antagonism is never complete at every point.
  • But in conceiving A we make, not n positions, still less n+t positions, but one position simply; for common sense removes the absolute position from its original source, sensation.
  • But while Hume absolutely denies the necessity, Ghazali merely removes it one stage farther back, and plants it in the mind of the Deity.
  • Ft., whilst the catch box of oxide of iron then removes all traces of sulphuretted hydrogen.
  • The spray of water removes the dust and part of the tar and ammonia from the gases, much steam being produced at the same time.

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