Sentence Examples

  • Nansen used all the arts of the agitator with extraordinary energy and success.
  • Although loving his profession, and this especially for the opening it gave in the direction of public life, he practically stepped outside the sphere dearest to young Americans, and lived henceforth the life of an agitator, or, like his father, that of a "public prosecutor."
  • See Lorenzo Sears, Wendell Phillips, Orator and Agitator (New York, 1909) (T.
  • But he was stronger as a preacher and an agitator than as a writer, the pamphlets which he now issued from the press of his colleague the ex-priest Hans Vingaard, who settled down at Viborg as a printer, being little more than adaptations of Luther's opuscula.
  • In this society, where there was no traffic in anything but wealth and ideas, the soldier was nothing more than an agitator or a parasite.

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