Sentence Examples

  • It lies in the sequestered valley of the river Skell, 3 m.
  • The village has become a favourite centre for tourists, but preserves its picturesque and sequestered appearance.
  • To the east and south-east lies the ridge named High Street (2663 ft.), from the Roman road still traceable from south to north along its summit, and sloping east again to the sequestered Hawes Water (103 ft.
  • Evidences of the change were numerous: Innocent promoted pro-Spanish cardinals; attacked the Barberini, proteges of Mazarin, and sequestered their possessions; aided in quieting an insurrection in Naples, fomented by the duke of Guise; and refused to recognize the independence of Portugal, then at war with Spain.
  • Children who touch or are touched by one of the many templesnakes are sequestered for a year and learn the songs and dances of the cult.