Sentence Examples

  • Matter is no longer animated or self-acting; it is subject to the will of an agent which can enter or quit it, perhaps at its own pleasure, perhaps at the compulsion of another.
  • The arches were designed to be fitted with self-acting drop gates; but they were not a success, and were only put into place on the Rosetta branch.
  • According to Leibnitz, while each immaterial element is a monadic substance and self-acting secondary cause, God is the primary cause of all.
  • Lotze agreed with Leibnitz that the things which cause phenomena are immaterial elements, but added that they are not simple substances, self-acting, as Leibnitz thought, or preserving themselves against disturbance, as Herbart thought, but are interacting modifications of the one substance of God.
  • Here the Grail, the chalice of the Last Supper, is at the same time, as in the Gawain stories, self-acting and food-supplying.