Sentence Examples

  • I have some salve in the barn.
  • It is at the lastnamed spot that the various pharmaceutical preparations are now manufactured for which they are famous (though sold only since about 1840) - the Elixir, the Boule d'acier (a mineral paste or salve), and the celebrated liqueur.
  • It was a royal colour in early Greek times, though afterwards, perhaps from its abundant use in the baths and as a scented salve, it was especially appropriated by the hetairae.
  • Oindre, to anoint), the act of pouring, or rubbing oil, ointment or salve over or on to a person or object.
  • In this respect English governments are more, cautious or reactionary than many of those on the continent of Europe, and access to official documents is denied when it is granted elsewhere; even the lapse of a century is not considered, a sufficient salve for susceptibilities which might be wounded by the whole truth.