Sentence Examples

  • The firing ~ eme ceased on the following day, but the troubles of the granted people were rather increased than assuaged; murders the and robberies were daily committed by the soldiery, pRSh~tI~ the shops were all shut and some of the streets barricaded.
  • We might not get the gangbangers, car jackings and armed robberies like the big cities but we sure have our share of domestics.
  • In the Southern states, owing to the harsh Reconstruction laws and the robberies committed by the carpet-bag governments which those laws kept in power; secondly, the scandals at.
  • Economic distress increased the number of highway robberies, these in turn lamed commercial intercourse.
  • In the XXIst Dynasty, when tomb robberies were rife and most of their valuables had been stolen, the royal mummies were removed from place to place and at last deposited for safety in the tomb of Amenophis II.

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