Sentence Examples

  • Currents; the former is polarized and responds to reversals of current, while the latter is non-polarized and responds only to the increased current from K2 irrespective of the direction of that current.
  • The lines are broadened (as was already known), the intensity of emission is much increased, but some are weakened and some strengthened, nor is the amount of broadening the same for all lines, nor is it always symmetrical, being sometimes greater on the red side; but besides the effect of unsymmetrical broadening, every line is displaced towards the red; different lines again behave differently, and they may be arranged somewhat roughly in a few groups according to their behaviour; reversals are also effected, and the reversed line does not always correspond with the most intense part of the emission line.
  • As regards frictional resistance, this smaller number of reversals of direction compensates in a measure for the smaller area of the Cowper flues.
  • The calcium flocculi, on account of the brilliant reversals of the H and K lines to which they give rise, and the protection to the plate afforded by the diffuse dark bands in which these bright lines occur, are easily photographed with a spectroheliograph of low dispersion.
  • Hence the apparent reversals so frequently observed in the centre of a widened line may not be reversals at all but due to a reduction in luminosity.

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