Sentence Examples

  • Among princely families and the retinues of warriors attached to them.
  • From the palaces and retinues of thousands of servants attached to the royal service may be inferred at once the despotic power of the Mexican rulers and the heavy taxation of the people; in fact some of the most remarkable of the picture-writings are tribute-rolls enumerating by hundreds and thousands the mantles, ocelot-skins, bags of gold-dust, bronze hatchets, loads of chocolate, &c., furnished periodically by the towns.
  • Such persons also had retinues and fortified residences of their own.
  • Chiefs of known prowess and liberality attracted large retinues, and their influence within the tribe, and even beyond, increased proportionately.
  • On the 1st of March, Shhhin Bey and the other chiefs (one only excepted) repaired with their retinues to the citadel, and were courteously received by the pasha.

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