Sentence Examples

  • Gabriel trailed her, resisting the urge to wrap her shivering body in his arms.
  • The necessity of resisting the inexorable demands of the prophets led to the introduction of new rules for distinguishing true and false prophets.
  • It is usual to speak of the English burgagetenure as a relic of Saxon freedom resisting the shock of the Norman conquest and its feudalism, but it is perhaps more correct to consider it a local feature of that general exemption from feudality enjoyed by the municipia as a relic of their ancient Roman constitution.
  • In 1782 he received the prize from the Berlin Academy for his Dissertation sur la question de balistique," a memoir relating to the paths of projectiles in resisting media.
  • Successful in resisting the peasant insurrection (1525), his fortunes were affected by the Schmalkaldic War.

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