Sentence Examples

  • Yes, we became very wakeful; so much so that our recumbent position began to grow wearisome, and by little and little we found ourselves sitting up; the clothes well tucked around us, leaning against the head-board with our four knees drawn up close together, and our two noses bending over them, as if our kneepans were warming-pans.
  • And as in the great hunting countries of India, the stranger at a distance will sometimes pass on the plains recumbent elephants without knowing them to be such, taking them for bare, blackened elevations of the soil; even so, often, with him, who for the first time beholds this species of the leviathans of the sea.
  • The recumbent patient may undergo assessment of leg lengths.
  • Exercise cycles, Exercise Bikes or recumbent bikes are good for the large muscle... workout is done on an exercise bike.
  • The south transept contains a canopied tomb dated 1601 and two recumbent effigies.

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