Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes you feel the need to unwind and recharge in the sun, sometimes a shot of alpine adrenaline hits the spot, and sometimes it's the intellectual stimulation of European history and culture that you need.
  • Battery life is much lower than the Garmin Nuvi at only a little under three hours before a recharge is needed, but the maps come in both two and three-dimensional versions on its 4.3-inch touch screen.
  • These all-inclusive vacations allow people to really turn their minds off and to step out of the stresses of the real world for a few days and enter a place where they can truly unwind and recharge.
  • One of the main drawbacks, however, is that they require enough daylight to recharge and therefore, as Christmas falls when the days are shortest, the candles might not run for a long time.
  • Short trips mean that the alternator doesn't have much time to recharge the battery while high temperatures can play havoc with the electrolyte solution and components of the battery.