Sentence Examples

  • Hence the successive remainders are successively smaller multiples of L, but still integral multiples, so that the series of quotients k, s, t,.
  • In virtue of relations (2), the change of entropy of a substance between any two states depends only on the initial and final states, and may be reckoned along any reversible path, not necessarily isothermal, by dividing each small increment of heat, dH, by the temperature, 0, at which it is acquired, and taking the sum or integral of the quotients, dH/o, so obtained.
  • Specific gravity bottles are also adjusted at 60° F., the figures indicating specific gravities being quotients obtained by dividing in each instance the weight of the solid or liquid by the weight of an equal bulk of water, both taken at 60 F.
  • When It Is Divided By The Three Numbers 28, 19, And 15 Respectively The Three Quotients Shall Be 10, 2, And 4.
  • Let X, Y, And Z Be The Three Quotients Of The Divisions; The Number Sought Will Then Be Expressed By 28 X Io, By 19 Y 2, Or By 15 Z 4.

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