Sentence Examples

  • This corrected pull is then divided by the weight of the vehicles hauled, in which must be included the weight of the dynamometer car, and the quotient gives the resistance per ton of load hauled at a certain uniform speed on a straight and level road.
  • The potential difference of the ends of the low resistance is at the same time measured on the potentiometer, and the quotient of this potential difference by the known value of the low resistance gives the true value of the current passing through the ammeter.
  • Experiment, however, showed that while the quotient on the left hand of this equation was fairly constant for a great number of substances, yet its value was not gR but 7 R; this means that the critical density is, as a general rule, 3.7 times the theoretical density.
  • Hence_li y ` A 1n where A li and A li, are minors of the complete determinant (a11a22...ann)� an1 ant ���an,n-1 or, in words, y i is the quotient of the determinant obtained by erasing the i th column by that obtained by erasing the n th column, multiplied by (-r)i+n.
  • Cayley, however, has shown that, whatever be the degrees of the three equations, it is possible to represent the resultant as the quotient of two determinants (Salmon, l.c. p. 89).

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