Sentence Examples

  • The motion of a particle of air is, as represented in these illustrations, to and fro in the direction of propagation, i.e.
  • There is no " transverse " disturbance, that is, there is in air no motion across the line of propagation, for such motion could only be propagated from one layer to the next by the " viscous " resistance to relative motion, and would die away at a very short distance from the source.
  • The figure shows that when the curve of displacement slopes down in the direction of propagation there is compression, and the pressure is above the normal, and that when it slopes up there is extension, and the pressure is below the normal.
  • We shall regard the external force as applied in the form of a pressure X per square centimetre parallel to the line of propagation and varied from point to point as required in order to make the disturbance travel on unchanged in form with the specified velocity U.
  • Suppose that the whole of the medium is moved backwards in space along the line of propagation so that the undisturbed portions travel with the velocity U.

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