Sentence Examples

  • The teeth of the pinion z, fig.
  • The pinion z and the toothed wheel d are connected by an intermediate wheel and pinion Y; the numbers of teeth in the wheels and pinions are so proportioned that twenty-four revolutions of the micrometer screw produce one revolution of the drum and wheel d.
  • This has the effect of forming the image of the latter farther from the observer's eye, and so it becomes necessary to turn the handle of the rack-pinion V in such a way as to move the prisms P3 and P4 nearer to P2 till the lines of the stellar spectrograph are again sharply in focus.
  • The effect of turning the pinion V is, of course, to displace the focus both of the solar and stellar spectrographs in the field of the eyepiece, but this d .a displacement is easily restored by From Zeitschr.
  • The signal coil is suspended by fibres and is mounted together with a fixed soft iron core on a brass plate affixed to a rack, with which a pinion operated by a milled head screw engages.

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