Sentence Examples

  • The rough adjustment of the microscope can be made by a rack and pinion F; and the fine adj ustment by the screw G.
  • The iris diaphragm i is pushed to the side by the rack and pinion t n.
  • In cheap stands the rough adjustment was worked by moving the inner tube by hand, but the more convenient rack and pinion is now used almost exclusively.
  • A web in the focal plane of telescope marks the point in the field at which the bands are to be made to disappear; this is effected by turning the polarizer by means of a rack and pinion worked by an arm from the observer's end of the instrument.
  • The value d/D usually lies between the limits io/i i and 15/16, and, if a greater difference of E from R is required, a further mechanical advantage can be obtained by employing a separate hand-wheel and chain, or by forming the upper sheave with an annular spurwheel gearing with a pinion driven by a hand-wheel and chain, as in the Tangye form of Weston pulley-block.

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