Sentence Examples

  • He was an accomplished pianist and composer, although he never published any of his works.
  • Of his four daughters only one, who married the Russian pianist Gabrilowitch, survived him.
  • Her sister, Maria Teresa Agnesi (1724-1780), a well-known Italian pianist and composer, was born at Milan in 1724.
  • On the advice of this great pianist, he gave up his Edinburgh appointments, which had quite worn him out, and settled in Florence in order to compose.
  • His interest in music was indeed stimulated from 1862 onwards by his friendship with Balakirev, and from 1863 by his marriage with a lady who was an accomplished pianist; but in his earlier years he had been proficient both in playing the piano, violin, 'cello and other instruments, and also in composing; and during life he did his best to pursue his studies in both music and chemistry with equal enthusiasm.