Sentence Examples

  • Some diamonds are more phosphorescent than others, and different faces of a crystal may display different tints.
  • It becomes phosphorescent on trituration.
  • In 1762 and 1764 he published experiments in refutation of the decision of the Florentine Academy, at that time generally accepted, that water is incompressible; and in 1768 he described the preparation, by calcining oyster-shell with sulphur, of the phosphorescent material known as Canton's phosphorus.
  • The infra-red requires special appliances; it has been examined visually by the help of phosphorescent plates (Becquerel), and with special photographic plates (Abney); but the most efficient way is to use the bolometer or radiomicrometer; by this means some 500 or 600 lines have been mapped.
  • Many are highly phosphorescent and some by their abundance colour the water of the sea or pool which they dwell in.

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