Sentence Examples

  • Both phosphoric and phosphorous acids became known, although imperfectly, towards the end of the 18th century; phosphorous acid was first obtained pure by Davy in 1812, while pure phosphorous oxide, the anhydride of phosphorous acid, remained unknown until T.
  • The phosphorous haloids give the corresponding ethyl haloid.
  • Some time later Davy, by heating phosphorous acid, obtained a phosphoretted hydrogen which was not spontaneously inflammable.
  • Soc. chim., 99 (3), 21, p. 926; Matignon, Comptes rendus, 1900, 130, p. 1391); and by the reduction of phosphorous acid with nascent hydrogen.
  • It slowly reacts with cold water to form phosphorous acid; but with hot water it is energetically decomposed, giving much red phosphorus or the suboxide being formed with an explosive evolution of spontaneously inflammable phosphoretted hydrogen; phosphoric acid is also formed.

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