Sentence Examples

  • Of the hygroscopic substances in common use, phosphoric anhydride, concentrated sulphuric acid, and dry potassium hydrate are almost equal in power; sodium hydrate and calcium chloride are not much behind.
  • By boiling a solution of cobalt carbonate in phosphoric acid, the acid phosphate CoHPO 4.3H 2 O is obtained, which when heated with water to 250° C. is converted into the neutral phosphate C03(P04)2.2H20 (H.
  • When distilled with phosphoric anhydride they yield nitriles.
  • 91): - 98'734 An ichthyo-coprolite from Tenby was found to contain 15.4% of phosphoric anhydride.
  • Some other glycerides isolated from natural sources are analogous in composition to tristearin, but with this difference, that the three radicals which replace hydrogen in glycerin are not all identical; thus kephalin, myelin and lecithin are glycerides in which two hydrogens are replaced by fatty acid radicals, and the third by a complex phosphoric acid derivative.

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