Sentence Examples

  • That stilbene, C 6 H 5 CH:CH C 6 H5, is very readily oxidized, while phenanthrene is not, supports, in some measure, the views of Bamberger.
  • It is formed when the vapours of toluene, stilbene, dibenzyl, ortho-ditolyl, or coumarone and benzene are passed through a red-hot tube; by distilling morphine with zinc dust; and, with anthracene, by the action of sodium on ortho-brombenzyl bromide (C. L.
  • Stilbene or toluylene, C G H 5.
  • Stilbene (from Gr.
  • Stilbene bromide when treated with alcoholic potash gives diphenyl acetylene or tolane, C6H5 C: C CsH5.

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