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  • Among others may be mentioned the Genera of Birds by Thomas Pennant, first printed at Edinburgh in 1773, but best known by the edition which appeared in London in 1781; the Elementa Ornithologica and Museum Ornithologicum of Schaffer, published at Ratisbon in 2774 and 1784 respectively; Peter Brown's New Illustrations of Zoology in London in 1776; Hermann's Tabular Affinitatum Animalium at Strasburg in 1783, followed posthumously in 1804 by his Observationes Zoologicae; Jacquin's Beytraege zur Geschichte der Voegel at Vienna in 1784, and in 1790 at the same place the larger work of Spalowsky with nearly the same title; Sparrman's Museum Carlsonianum at Stockholm from 1786 to 1789; and in 1794 Hayes's Portraits of rare and curious Birds from the menagery of Child the banker at Osterley near London.
  • In 1767 Pennant, several of whose works have already been named, entered into correspondence with Gilbert White, receiving from him much information, almost wholly drawn from his own observation, for the succeeding editions of the British Zoology.
  • Names of Charles Bonnet (1720-1793), the entomologist, who described the reproduction of Aphis; Banks and Solander, who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage(1768-1771); Thomas Pennant (1726-1798), the describer of the English fauna; Peter Simon Pallas (1741-1811), who specially extended the knowledge of the Linnaean Vermes, and under the patronage of the empress Catherine explored Russia and Siberia; De Geer (1720-1778), the entomologist; Lyonnet (1707-1789), the author of the monograph of the anatomy of the caterpillar of I Cossus ligniperdus; Cavolini (1756-1810), the Neapolitan marine zoologist and forerunner of Della Chiaje (fl.
  • The following are some of the chief works connected with the topography of London: Thomas Pennant, Of London (1 79 0, 1793, 1805, 1813, translated into German 1791); John T.
  • The "Cumberland," which, while it steadily careened, had been keeping up a heavy fire at the Confederate vessels, sank, with "her pennant still flying from the topmast above the waves."

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